10 Colors That Increase Sales

10 Colors That Increase Sales

Graphic designers and marketing experts utilize colors to augment the effectiveness of marketing campaigns because of the close relation between colors and increased sales. Colors ignite certain emotions in customers that lead to purchases and create relevance for a particular brand. This article offers an understanding of the empowerment of colors and what each one represents.

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10 Colors That Increase Sales

1. Red

Red symbolizes power and is the mostly used color for marketing and advertising purposes. As red is a bright color it immediately grabs attention of many people leading to an increased sales of the company.

2. Blue

In marketing blue has the power to get wide attention to a large demographic. This is because blue represents coolness and trustworthiness. The success of marketing campaigns mixing blue and complimentary colors is high.

3. Yellow

Yellow colors are powerful in capturing the attention of the audience by providing an illuminating and uplifting outlook that oozes happiness, hope, fun, and cheerfulness. Yellow represents confidence and a strong believe in the abilities to fulfill client’s needs. Optimism levels increase with the yellow color owing to the release of serotonin (feel good hormone) when it is displayed.

4. Pink

The color pink has soothing effects to the audience. Marketing campaigns using the color pink are aimed at the female demographic and represents tranquility, love, sexuality, nurture, and survival of the species augmenting purchases by females.

5. Gold

Gold as a marketing color has the power of luxury, prestige, and value. Gold in marketing represents wealth and pedigree and is often associated with high quality products that offer highest levels of utility. Gold in marketing allows customers to be convinced of product quality and the need for higher pricing. Mostly effective when combined with green and purple to effectively demonstrate prestige, environmental awareness, and luxury.

6. Green

Green’s power is balanced when used in marketing campaigns. Green represents balance, harmony, restoration, peace, equilibrium, and environmental awareness, offering the customers an inviting feeling.

7. Orange

Orange is powerful with high attention-getting properties and represents the products marketed in a fun and cool manner. Physical comfort, warmth, security, passion, and fun are some of the main representations of the orange color in advertising.

8. Brown

Brown’s power is on demonstrating stability, reliability, and friendship. It serves to break the barrier between the business and the clients, creating a free environment for interaction with the products, augmenting the chances of marketing campaign success and product sales. Brown represents relaxation and comfort to the customers, improving marketing efficiency.

9. Purple

Purple is the other powerful marketing color depicting royalty. The products marketed using campaigns and instruments that feature dominantly purple color represent elegance, prestige, quality, luxury, and vision improving sales and providing success for marketing campaigns. The color brings about a connection with robes worn by kings and queens offering the color an association to prosperity, sophistication, and wealth.


Black has the power to provide contrast to the marketing instrument. Black represents glamour, emotional safety, efficiency, substance, security, and glamour resonating with a lot of the audience and driving up sales.

The different powers and representation of the colors offer marketers a large combination to effectively achieve the intended aim and bring out the true representation of the product resulting in higher sales.

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