Macbook Pro Accessories

12 Best Macbook Pro Accessories

The MacBook Pro is a great laptop. But just like with any other laptop, accessories can make your life that much easier. The right accessory can improve your viewing or audio experience or even enhance the system’s performance. Depending on the kind of work you do, these accessories can help optimize your process. So, let’s take a look at 12 of the must-have accessories for a MacBook Pro.

#1. Airpods Pro

Airpods Pro

MacBook Pro’s speakers’ sound quality is good, but that cannot be compared to headphones because both sound completely different. With speakers, you also hear the sounds of the room you’re in, but with headphones, you can focus on the sound coming from the headphones.That brings us to the need for active noise cancellation and Airpods Pro. AirPods let you drown out the ambient sounds and focus on the music or podcast. When you need to speak to someone, you can switch to the transparency mode to hear yourself instead of having to remove them.

#2. USB C to USB Adapter

To connect a USB A thumb drive, you need an adapter that plugs into your USB C and provides fast transfer speeds. You can buy this adapter from Apple, Syntech, or Belkin.

#3. Apple Magic Mouse 2

For designers and developers that use a MacBook Pro, a prevalent problem occurs when using the in-built trackpad. First thing’s first: why does my mouse keep disappearing mac, and how do I deal with it? Since apps like Photoshop and development are resource-intensive, often the cursor disappears.

This can happen because of connection issues if multiple monitors are in place or some third-party is causing unexplained problems.

To circumvent this issue, you can purchase the Apple Magic Mouse 2. The wireless mouse makes clicking and scrolling easy. It also has a multi-touch surface so that you can perform multiple gestures at the same time.

#4. Audioengine A2 +

Most laptop speakers are not designed for a great audio experience. The MacBook Pro speakers are better but still not comparable to an external speaker. The Audioengine speakers have excellent stereo output and are great for gaming or listening to music.

#5. Hemudu Computer Monitor Riser

For a genuinely ergonomic setup, you need your MacBook Pro to be at eye level. This is difficult to achieve without a computer monitor riser. The ones from Hemudu have a glass top and adjustable legs so you can position them to a height that feels comfortable for you.

#6. Portable Monitor Display

Portable Monitor Display

A second monitor is crucial for design or development work. If you have an iPad, you can use it as a second monitor, but it’s best to purchase a portable monitor display for a good experience. A monitor should connect to your MacBook Pro via USB-C and is portable, allowing you greater flexibility.

#7. Logitech ERGO K860

An additional keyboard, mainly if your job includes a ton of typing, can be really helpful because most laptops, including the MacBook Pro, are not designed ergonomically.

The Logitech ERGO K860 is touted as one of the best ergonomic keyboards and has a curvy keyboard and offers a better typing experience, and has Bluetooth connectivity so you can keep it at a distance from your screen.

#8. UpperCase GhostCover

Using your computer every day is a surefire way to get the keyboard dirty and grimy. To avoid this, you can use UpperCase GhostCover on your keyboard. When the cover gets dirty, you can rinse it off and use it again.

This helps your keyboard stay clean and increases its longevity.

#9. LaCie Mobile External Hard Drive

LaCie Mobile External Hard Drive

If you use your MacBook to create videos, music, or design, you will notice how quickly that eats into your storage. You could back these files up to iCloud, but if you do not want to pay for that or just have your information be accessible easily, you can try an external hard drive like the one from LaCie.

This hard drive’s capacity is 2TB, which is a lot of storage and with zero running costs instead of paying a monthly subscription for storage to the iCloud.

#10. Twelve South Curved Stand

Twelve South Curved Stand

Just like the monitor riser, you can look at a laptop stand as a good investment to create an ergonomic workspace. The stand from Twelve South helps maintain airflow while it holds it firmly in place.

#11. Mophie Powerstation AC External Battery

Dealing with a dead laptop battery when you are trying to get more work done is not a good situation to be in. The Mophie Powerstation Battery Pack provides your MacBook with 15 hours of battery life, and it can charge your MacBook Pro too.

All in all

There are some of the standard accessories that you should consider buying for your MacBook Pro, but there are many other accessories that can help you do a specific task much better that you can seek out online.

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