Best Prime Day Gaming Laptop Deals 2022: What to Expect

Best Prime Day Gaming Laptop Deals 2022: What to Expect

Prime Day 2021 Gaming Laptop Deals

Summer is coming and that also means that Prime Day deals are on their way, too. Amazon’s huge sales event always means we get to see some deep discounts on some highly sought-after items and that means some great offers for you. In this particular case, we’re checking out the Prime Day gaming laptop deals that could be available soon. To help you figure out what to do, we’ve looked at when the gaming laptop deals are likely to commence, where you’ll see the best Prime Day gaming laptop deals, along with checking out if Prime Day is the time for you to buy a new gaming laptop. Keep on reading and by the end, you’ll know exactly what to do.

When do the Prime Day gaming laptop deals start?

Prime Day has an illustrious history when it comes to offering great deals despite being relatively new. Generally, it happens in July. That’s because July 5, 1994, was the day that Amazon was founded and Prime Day started out as a form of celebration of the company’s birth. Prime Day began in 2015 and from there, it’s become an increasingly popular and useful sales season. Oftentimes, it even rivals Black Friday and Cyber Monday in terms of the quality of the deals it offers. The only catch is that you need a Prime membership to reap the benefits.

While Prime Day is usually in July, it has changed around in recent years. In 2020, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it was moved to October to give Amazon more time to prepare for supply chain issues. Then, in 2021, it returned to the summer but in a June slot. Now, it’s moved back to its traditional July appearance.

We know this because Amazon confirmed the news as part of its 2022 first-quarter results. However, the firm hasn’t yet specified exactly when in July it’s likely to take place. Our gut feeling is thinking mid to late July seems pretty likely but there’s no telling just yet. Usually, Amazon keeps the actual dates quiet for a little while longer, waiting until much nearer the date in a bid to have a competitive edge over other retailers also likely to have sales. After all, Prime Day is no longer a sales event that is exclusive to Amazon. Many other retailers have their own sales commencing around the same time.

Where are the best Prime Day gaming laptop deals?

Amazon offers the best Prime Day gaming laptop deals, right? Well, kind of. While Prime Day itself is solely an Amazon property, many other merchants are keen to also offer sales around the same time. That means it’s not quite as obvious as heading to Amazon for your new gaming laptop.

In saying that, we’re confident that Amazon will have some well-priced gaming laptop deals. After all, the company tends to favor deep discounts for highly sought-after technology and gaming laptops match that brief perfectly. It’s definitely going to be a retailer worth checking out for big savings, but it’s far from the only one.

Other options include Best Buy and Walmart. Both firms have gaming laptop deals throughout the year so it makes sense that we’ll see them try extra hard during Prime Day 2022. Both companies also have the benefit of allowing you to pick up many items in-store after buying them online which can prove pretty convenient.

Another big retailer to definitely check out is Dell. The computer giant often runs sales throughout the year including laptops, desktops, and — of course — gaming laptops. If you particularly want an Alienware device, this is where you need to check. It’s almost certainly going to have some great gaming laptop deals to lure you in.

Should you buy a gaming laptop on Prime Day 2022?

There are a few things to consider before you dive into the Prime Day gaming laptop deals. An obvious one is whether you actually need a gaming laptop. After all, they’re far from cheap so this isn’t an impulse purchase. Do you plan on gaming a lot on the move? In this case, a gaming laptop can be very useful. They’re also great if you have limited space at home so there’s no room for a full gaming desktop setup.

Convenient in many ways, the latest gaming laptops still offer you a fantastic experience, enabling you to play the best games. They are more expensive than desktops though, even when discounted as part of Prime Day 2022. It’s important to know you definitely want one before getting lured in by a great discount.

Once you’ve figured that out, it’s smart to do some research. Read up on the best gaming laptops and stick to those brands if you can’t find the exact model on sale. Gaming laptops aren’t like regular laptops so you need to prioritize a good graphics card along with a great display and other specs. For extra portability, you might want to consider the best thin and light gaming laptops, too, as these are just as powerful but very slim. When buying anything portable, it’s a good idea to think about how portable you actually need it to be.

By buying a gaming laptop during the Prime Day sales, you should get a pretty good deal. Prime Day is one of the best sales events of the year. While you could wait until Black Friday or Cyber Monday, that’s a number of months away and you may find finances tighter while you juggle holiday spending. Buying during Prime Day tends to give you just as good value while also reaping the benefits of a great gaming laptop earlier in the year. Think of all those high-end games you can play now rather than having to wait a few months.

Make sure to keep an eye on deals so you’re not just enjoying incremental savings. However, it’s often quite obvious where the best discounts are and we’re here to help guide you to them. Ultimately, Prime Day often focuses on technology so you should be satisfied with the results here.

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