Best Tips to Avoid Plagiarism in an Essay

Every essay writer should understand how to avoid or remove plagiarism since it lowers quality of content written in any paper.

What is plagiarism?

  • Plagiarism is a serious offense in essay writing that involves the use of another author’s ideas, language, or work, without proper acknowledgment
  • It can also occur due to submission of someone else’s work and posting it as original
  • Consequences of plagiarizing content include losing credit for an essay, getting zero marks in the course, or possibly suspension from the University

Best Tips to avoid plagiarism in an essay

Avoiding plagiarism through paraphrasing

  • Plagiarism can be avoided through paraphrasing the original research content one intends to use and then paraphrasing it completing in own words
  • It is important to avoid copying verbatim in words exceeding two in a row from the original text
  • Quotation marks can be used where more than two words from the text are used together. Paraphrasing enable a writer to use similar ideas that are present in the original file, but in different words

Avoiding plagiarism through Proper citation

  • Proper citation is widely accepted as a method of avoiding plagiarism. It involves use of formatting guidelines and citation rules for different writing styles; such as, APA, MLA, Harvard, Chicago(cleaning service Chicago), and Turabian among others
  • Citation entails insertion of author’ (s) name, date of publication, and page number depending on educational institution citation guidelines. The failure to cite properly can also be counted as plagiarism
  • Different fields of study have certain citation rules to follow. As such,writers ought to be aware of rules before using different citation styles

Use of referencing to avoid plagiarism

  • Use of references and a work cited page is one of the best methods to avoid plagiarism. References and work cited should appear at the end of essay or paper showing the original articles cited in the document
  • The page ought to follow document formatting specifications as allowed by institution
  • The information presented should be specific and with an easy to retrieve capability by the use of a link or digital object image (DOI). The contents of a reference include author (s), date of publication, article or book title, and the source


  • Quoting enable writer to use a part of an original document the way it appears in it. When quoting a source, it is important to have exact words since no author wants to be misquoted
  • The use of quotation marks (“”) is recommended but the words should not exceed 40 in a row since it will appear as plagiarized
  • Every writer should learn how to paraphrase the content properly in order to avoid plagiarism. It is a time-consuming exercise, but necessary in academic writing. The failure of using proper quotation guidelines could result in allegations of plagiarism
  • Plagiarism can be avoided if the writer pays close attention to various methods highlighted as well as using the choice of words that are original

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