Brilliant Ways to Improve Your Companies Reputation, Design, and SEO

Brilliant Ways to Improve Your Companies Reputation, Design, and SEO

A web design showcases a company on the web 24/7. Over 90 percent of businesses are now running on the web and expecting sales or leads through the online market. The internet has become so infinite that it provides every company a profile on the web. When a business owner purchases a domain, a web designer will develop/maintain the website, and then a company has the online base to build a reputation. Read below the goals and new web design trends that every company should follow on the web!

Brilliant Ways to Improve Your Companies Reputation, Design, and SEO

Top 3 Company Web Design Goals

1-Bold Business Message. A business must know their message. The message is what a business has to offer. This message will often be in the H1 tag of the website and it should be a clear and bold message for every website visitor to understand.

2-Graphics and Color Scheme. Company logos must be on point and the have about the same color shades as the color scheme. Vibrant colors are in style!

3-Color Scheme and Web Design. When a developer and a company owner discuss their color scheme and confirm their selections, it is the developer’s job to make sure and apply that color scheme onto every page. Never leave a web page out of the color scheme.

3 Ways to Increase Reputation on the Web

1-Business Listings. Every company should list their company website address and physical address on a directory. The top directories like yelp,yahoo,and google business are the best and don’t have a bad effect on SEO.

2-Allow Public Reviews. Public reviews will allow for future clients to see how a company works. Some great feedback on the web can increase a companies reputation and trust tremendously.

3-Try Out a Press Release. There are free and paid forms of press releases on the web. A press release will be an article that fully promotes an event or new item that a company may be selling. A press release is a great way to increase brand reputation and explain business services without trying to sell them.

8 Web Design and SEO Trends for your Company

1-Become Mobile Friendly. Mobile friendly design is the new future and the new standard for web developers!

2-Time To Go Responsive. A responsive website design will auto resize for all devices. Using the Media Query rule in CSS will make a current nonresponsive layout, responsive.

3-Compress your Files. Minifying CSS and Javascript file will reduce the lines of unneeded code and lower file size.

4-Disable the Pinch Zoom. Disabling the pinch zoom is a popular method of design that is complimentary to the mobile design.

5-Increase your Font Size. Large font size is another trend that works very well with mobile-friendly standards. A large font size will allow the average device user to have an easy time to read a web page text.

6-Add Color Vibrancy. Color vibrancy is not color brightness, it is along the lines of color saturation. Colors make an impact on the human mind and a vibrant color is more memorable than a simple one.

7-Full Resolution Photos. Photography is getting even better! More and more websites are using studio quality photos to represent their brand. These photos may be self-taken, purchased on the web, or can be found free through a creative commons license.

8-King of Content. Search engines love unique content coming out of a website. This is one of the reasons why the average website visitor will see a ‘Blog’ section on the right-hand corner of almost every business. Blogs are very popular because they are great for SEO. When a company publishes a blog through their website, that blog will be ranked out, and ultimately an individual who wants to know that information will search google and the companies blog will be found on the web.

For a company to be successful on the web, there must be a focus on visual web branding, search engine listings visibility, and of course providing a user-friendly website experi

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