Create and Edit PDF Like a Pro: Introducing Able2Extract Professional 11

Create and Edit PDF Like a Pro - Introducing Able2Extract Professional 11

When you create a document on our computer and want to send it to someone, you usually convert it to PDF first, right?

This is to ensure that your file can be opened even if the other person doesn’t have an appropriate software to view them. For example, if we create a project plan in MS Word and send it to someone who doesn’t have Microsoft Office on their computer, there’s a pretty good chance they won’t be able to see your document. Therefore, it’s probably the best to convert your files to PDF format, just to be safe.

There are a lot of quick and decent PDF creators available that will do the job. For business purposes, however, it is recommended to use a more reputable program. A powerful, all in one software, that can create, but also convert, edit and even annotate your PDFs.

Luckily, there is one product that does all the above — Investintech’s Able2Extract 11. With this tool, you can create your PDF easily and also edit, annotate and secure your files upon creation.

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Of course, the most popular feature of Able2Extract is its unique and powerful conversion option. If you work with scanned documents a lot, the tool also includes OCR technology, which allows you to smoothly convert scanned PDFs as well

How to Use Able2Extract to Manage Your PDFs?

Each process in Able2Extract is pretty simple and easy, as it’s done with only a few clicks of a mouse.

For example, if you’d like to convert your file to PDF, you would do it like this:

1)    Click on the Create button in Able2Extract 11
2)    Choose a document you’d like to convert
3)    Double-click on it and your document will immediately be converted to PDF


Besides creation, you can also edit your PDF files on the spot. With improved WYSIWYG  PDF editor, you can now move, resize and rotate any page within seconds. All changes are instantly visible within the document.

Take a look at these screenshots for a quick three step tutorial on how to use Able2Extract’s PDF Editor:

1)    Open your PDF in Able2Extract
2)    Click on the “Edit” button in the toolbar menu
3)    Use this editing panel to perform various on page PDF edits


Here is just a quick preview of some of the things you can do with it:
●     Add or remove text
●     Merge multiple PDFs
●     Extract an individual page
●     Redact any sensitive content

With Able2Extract 11, you can also convert any PDF up to 10 editable file formats, including Word, Excel, AutoCAD, PowerPoint, HTML, Publisher, Image and CSV.

This new version also brings forth a feature to annotate PDF content with more than 10 different annotation methods, such as: sticky notes, comments, hyperlinks, stamps, watermarks and much more.

PDF seems to be everywhere nowadays and tools like this one are true lifesavers. Especially for people that work with various reports and paper documents on a regular basis. Users who want to try out the latest release of Able2Extract can download the trial version and use the tool completely free for seven days.

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