Five Design Hacks for More Profitable Website Growth

For any business (online or offline) to be successful, there has to be growth. There are various ways to measure growth in a business. In the online world, business growth is measured by an increase in sales, organic traffic, and a strong web presence. If you are not experiencing these things in your business, it means that there is little or no progress in that business. This indicates that there are a few things that you are not going to write and you need to evaluate your website design, branding, or the entire marketing strategy.

Done properly, your website design can do wonders for your online business. Business owners have realized and seen the potential it has on their business that is why they are spending a lot of money finding web design services that can turn their businesses around. However, not all designers know the right ingredients to design effective websites. In this article, I will give you 5 graphic design hacks to grow your business. If you implement them in your business, it will surely grow.

Keep your website design simple

Five Design Hacks for More Profitable Website Growth

This area of website design is where the majority of beginners go wrong. An effective website design should be simple, yet stunning enough to attract consumers, spread product awareness, and establish brand identity. As a graphic designer, you should not bombard your visitors with complex designs that can overwhelm their thought process. From color, structure, to items display, they should be placed strategically to make your website user-friendly.

Simplicity allows you to communicate with your audience easily and efficiently. When using color, ensure that it represents the company’s interest and identity and you are not just using it for the sake of it. Three types of colors are enough to communicate to your audience; one for the background, another one for the text, and another one for the logo. You should also have a few items on your landing page so that they don’t give the visitor a hard time navigating. Make the page obvious, don’t make the visitor think.

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Use responsive designs

Five Design Hacks for More Profitable Website Growth

It is now official that you if you are not using responsive designs when building your website, you are losing a lot of mobile web traffic since many people use their mobile device to access the Internet. The number of users accessing the Internet using their mobile devices using their smartphones and other mobile devices to access the Internet has greatly surpassed those using desktops.

Reason being that accessing the Internet using mobile devices is more convenient. You are denying your website sufficient traffic and high ranking. Google is now mobile-first websites as one of its ranking factors, and this also affects your ranking negatively. Conversion is hard when using designs that are not responsive since details are not displayed on small screens properly. Fields are also hard to fill if details are not that clear. Responsive designs are effective and make the user experience seamless. The visitor doesn’t need to access detailed information using their desktops.

Learn how to code

Five Design Hacks for More Profitable Website Growth

Most designers believe that coding is only for developers and they only need to design the layout of the website. If you want to enhance your web designing skills, equipping yourself with website coding knowledge is a vital ingredient. Companies look for designers who can also code to quicken the process of creating a website. If you are a graphic designer with some coding experience, you stand a great chance of getting instant gigs, since you can design and develop a website.

This also expands your repertoire. Learning also makes you proficient in your creative art since you won’t need to seek external help whenever technical issues arise. Several tools require coding skills and if you don’t take time to learn how to code, you may not benefit from them.

Update yourself with online courses

Five Design Hacks for More Profitable Website Growth

Take online courses to update yourself with the latest trends and technologies. The online world is unpredictable and you, therefore, need to follow up closely so that you are not left behind with what companies are looking for. What you think is trending today may lose its popularity in the future.

You need to trade with caution to cut through the steep competition and remain relevant. You can do this by reading physical books about graphic design, taking online refresher courses, learning how to use web design tools like Photoshop and Sketch. Another way to expand your graphic design knowledge is by talking to other designers who have been in the industry for some time now and experienced in different website designing approaches. We have graphic designers who have been there long enough to predict where we are heading or what we should expect in the future when it comes to graphic designing.

Experiment with new designs

Five Design Hacks for More Profitable Website Growth

Website design is a creative art that requires you to a lot of experimenting to know what will work and what won’t work. It’s all about trial and era. If you are straight out of college, don’t be afraid to try out the different designing skills that you learned. There is a lot of famous design work that came out as a result of experimenting. Who knows, your experiment may scoop you some serious work of art.

How else would you know if a design will work if you don’t put it into practice? As long as you have followed graphic design fundamentals, you are good to go. The beauty of graphic design is that you don’t need to study for a five-year degree; if you have graphic design knowledge, you are good to go. You can gradually enhance your knowledge by checking out online resources, tools, and courses which are usually freely available.

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These are not the only graphic designing hacks that you can try out. There are many more out there but this is the vital one. All you need to do is have passion and dedication to be a better graphic designer and you will achieve exactly that.

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