Habits of Highly Organized People That You Should Acquire

Habits of Highly Organized People That You Should Acquire

Habits of Highly Organized People That You Should Acquire

Everyone has that one person at work or in their life who is extremely organized. They always finish their work with enough time to spare, they are never late, they know where everything is and they never miss any deadlines. It is time to be honest with yourself and admits that you are probably jealous of them, well everybody is.

But there is no point of being jealous since you can actually learn from those people and become same as they are. They are certainly on the right track to become successful in life, aren’t they? Well, try mimicking their behavior.

Becoming and staying organized isn’t done overnight, it requires a lot of effort and additional changes in your current lifestyle. As you slowly start living an organized life you will begin to realize that being organized is more about the mindset than the way of living.

For example, you start living your life in an organized manner and you create some daily routines that you follow. After some time your mind starts to adapt to those routines and systems you created for yourself and out of a sudden they become habits. If you ever find yourself in this stage it will be safe to say that you have become an organized person.

Without further ado let’s take a look at these habits of highly organized people which will help you achieve a better work-life balance. And don’t worry it is nothing you can’t handle. Follow along.

Use technology to your advantage

Yes, you heard us right. In most cases, technology is considered one of the biggest distractions at work but in some cases, it can be extremely helpful. There are many tools and apps that highly organized people use on regular basis so they would be able to do more in less time. We will mention a few lifesavers:

PDF to Word Converter with OCR – use it to convert PDFs to editable MS Word document format so you wouldn’t have to retype documents you want to reuse all over again.

Evernote – use it to keep all your notes in one centralized place easily accessible on various devices. It is also great for creating to-do lists.

Google Drive – Use to keep all your documents in one centralized place easily accessible on various devices. It is also great for collaborative work with your colleagues on the same document.

These are only some mentions and there are plenty of other productivity apps available on the market.

Plan your day the night before

You may have heard this 100 times but it’s completely true. And we may even go so far and say that planning your day the night before is as important as actually doing those things the following day. Try it for a month, and believe us the results will be mind-blowing.

This doesn’t mean that you should plan every minute of your day, it only means that you should write down the most important chores for that day and mentally prepare yourself for them. The best thing is, it won’t take more than 10 minutes of your time, but these 10 minutes could potentially save you hours of hesitation and unproductivity.

Keep your desk tidy

You can learn a lot about a person based on his/her desk, apartment, room, and so on. If everything is clean and neatly organized it means that he/she is a disciplinarian and likes to keep everything in order. Professionals take a lot of care about their appearance, whether it is their outfit, desk, apartment or else.

Nevertheless, if everything on their desk is cluttered, there is a higher possibility that you are looking at an unorganized person. So by not cleaning up your desk, you could end up looking unprofessional and unorganized. The other benefit of cleaning up your desk lies in the fact that clean desk sparks creativity and stimulates new ideas.

Never leave anything undone

Majority well-organized people have one interesting thing in common – they just never leave anything undone. Leaving things half done could end up losing a lot of your time later in the process. It might seem tempting to left some things undone or to put them on hold for later, but sooner or later you will definitely regret not doing them right away.

So the next time you realize that your report needs another hour to be done or if there is a spreadsheet that needs to be checked, do it right away or delegate it to someone, just please do not procrastinate and leave it for tomorrow.

As we said earlier, being organized can be learned, but requires much effort and some small changes in your lifestyle. Try sticking to these habits for at least a month and you will see how your work-life balance will improve. We would love to hear from you so feel free to share the techniques you use to stay productive in the comment section below.

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