How to Make an iPhone App and submit it to iTunes

How to Make an iPhone App and Submit it to iTunes

Making an app includes a number of procedures. In this article, we are going to discuss the general steps to make this and launch it into iTunes. Making an app is not free so it is crucial to know that at some point of the procedure you need making some expenditure. A Mac is required for the use at a few points. Particular mac-happy code should be used for making the app. New let us go to the steps:

Make an intelligent thought

It is important to ensure there is no other app to accomplish the same thing which you are offering. If you want to make a bit better compared to an app that exists already, it is suggested to think how thought can be improved.

Obtain a Mac

The iPhone is a product of Apple and it needs a Mac operating system. At present, Mac users can only access iPhone development tools. A Mac is required to launch it in the App store. If you do not have a Mac, buying a Mac mini could be comparatively cheaper option.

Make Registration as an Apple Developer

You require being a registered Apple developer for working with the Mac tools. Registration procedure is free. You need giving your details to them and agreeing to their terms and conditions. Once you register, the same username and password would be used for the iTunes account.

Download the Kit for Software Development for iPhone

After becoming an official developer, software development kit (SDK) can be downloaded for iPhone. The version depends on the currently used operating system. This is a vast download as it involves with all types of documentation, things and sample code.

XCode should be downloaded

As par Apple, Xcode is known as a complete IDE which is made with an even workflow. It includes modifying of source code with certain development and compilation steps.

Making iPhone App with the Templates in the SDK

Once the app is drawn in Photoshop or paper, you may debug it with templates offered in the software development kit. Lots of templates are there to select from.

Grasp Objective-C

A programmer likes objective-C. If you are not familiar with this, it is important to hire a programmer. Learning Objective – C by getting a book is also useful.

Programming App in Objective-C

After understanding the fundamental things of Objective-C, it is possible to program the app. By taking screenshots it helps you remembering your attempts.

Execute the App in iPhone Simulator

The SDK involves iPhone simulator. App should be loaded in the simulator and perform testing. Bugs should be worked out accordingly.


Loading an app into iPhone costs $99. You will obtain a lot for $99.

Submit for Approval

You may submit the app to iTunes to get approved after testing it in community and eliminate all the bugs. This process could take some time.

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