How to Publish an App on Google Play store

How to Publish an App on Google Play Store : A Step-by-Step Guide

If you are making an application which is to be distributed in public, it is recommended to upload the application to Google Play Store. Google offers help especially for the developers. Google Play for Developers Help is an amazing reference to get answers of all the queries. There is also an important document which is known as Publishing Checklist for Google Play. It includes information how to publish an app on Google Play.

Publishing part of the android developer documentation includes detail information about Google Play. It will give you detail information about the publishing part of the development process and also the developer console of Google Play.

Registering on Google Play

The first step for publishing includes registering for Google play on the Google play publisher website. This procedure is easier and it takes a few minutes. There is a registration charge which is USD $25.

Selling the App

If you need selling your apps, a Google Wallet Merchant account is to be opened. Detail information is offered in Google Play’s help.

Preparing to Publish

When you are prepared to publish an app, following items should be available:

Final Andromo application file to be uploaded that should be within 50 MB in size

The title of the app should be within 30 characters

Description of the app must be within 4000 characters

High resolution icon (512×512 32 bit PNG)

Minimum two screenshots are needed and maximum 8 screenshots are required for each kind

Include New Application

Once registration process is completed, it is possible to log in to the Google Play developer account. Here publishing the application can be started through “+ Add new application” button. The first a dialog will appear and prompt for the title of the app and default language. Then two options will come as “Prepare Store Listing” and “Upload APK”.

Upload APK

This procedure is uploading the android package file of an application. After making the application successfully, a link to the APK file is mailed. It can be downloaded at anytime from the projects part. Now it is necessary to click on “upload APK” button and select the application file to be uploaded.

Store Listing

Store listing controls will be seen by the end users while they look the application on Google Play. The listing details are described in “uploading applications” topic of Google. The step includes submitting content like description, title, screenshots, icon and others. When you are finished, it is required to click the save button.

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