How to Research Your Story Before Writing Your Book

Lately you have been thinking a lot about the idea that occurred to you in the coffee shop. And if you are a passionate writer, your fingers are anxious to write down all that has been tickling your brains. But before you write down your story, it is necessary that you gather up all the ideas at one place and knit them together which is however not an easy task. Many good Story Writers often lose track of the original idea and are unable to bring into existence characters that motivated them to write a story in the first place. It is however advised that people who wish to compile a best seller should never ignore the mandatory step called – research!

How to Research Your Story Before Writing Your Book

What does research mean?

Yes, researching your idea does not sound like a bogus thing especially if you are an amateur.  Confidence alone is not enough to become successful in the field of writing. If one intends to master the skill of writing, it is mandatory to have a good grasp on the topic of concern. An award-winning story requires proper discipline and preparation. No doubt you have written multiple short stories that were published on different forums, which gave you the hint of being an inborn writer- you still have to research. It is important to get your facts straight no matter they are historical, contemporary or technical. It is rightly said that: “research is largely governed by the topic and target audience of your book”. As for the facts, twisting and distorting them means nothing more than death, so be very careful.

Why to be very careful with the Internet?

With the development of the Internet, things have become pretty easier especially when it comes to picking out information you are hunting for. But yes there is again a huge ambiguity when it comes to facts and figures. Take for example Wikipedia, which isone of the largest free online encyclopedias and the one usually accessed by many for quick facts. But before accessing the site one should always keep in mind that the information there can easily be created and edited by volunteers from any part of the world. So better cross check the facts instead of copy pasting right away. This is in short researching and adding the most authentic information to your piece of writing as it increases the overall credibility of your content. So anything that pops out first from the search engine shall only be used if cited from multiple credible sources.

Library is just the perfect spot!

If you are continuously facing creative block and wish to enjoy researching in a quiet atmosphere-please hit the nearest library. But then again this choice largely depends on the genre and topic of the book. Using fiction Books as sources of data can be a pretty stupid act. No matter how time consuming it could be, researching in a disciplined manner could add up a lot to the existing pool of knowledge of any person in general. So if you are writing any historical book or even a bibliography, a library is the only place that will do justice to your work.

Visit in person your place of fantasy:

Researching does not only mean a laptop, cup of tea and a pen that helps you scribble like crazy on a piece of paper. But it also includes visiting places personally that shall become a part of your story. Take for example a story that revolves around friends lost in some isolated island and searching for help.The merciless waves, tall palm trees and hot burning sand, Using these expressions alone will not do wonders until or unless you paint a landscape in the minds of your audience, If you really need to dig out the emotions of your readers you have to feel the conditions yourself first. Hence a good writer feels his story physically and then builds an emotional whirlpool of words to throw at his readers.

Interviewing people close to your characters:

When it comes to explaining your characters it does not only refer to explaining their hair, eyes, nose, height, accent etc. But it means describing in detail their personality, the way you have it in your mind. Talking to people who have experienced things your character is expected to experience in story could come real handy in becoming realistic. For example you intend to explain the hardships a laborer bears at workplace, in order to get a very close look at their lives you will have to interview them in person. Therefore when you end up portraying your character you will have insights that will make your content more realistic and interesting.

Writing is indeed an art that becomes successful only when it wins the heart of the audience. People who assume that they are extremely good writers shall not only rely on their self-confidence but seek help from external sources that add up credibility to their words and attract interest and appreciation of the publishers as well!

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