How to Win a Writing Competition

Having heaps of passion for writing might give you command over words and sentences but may not necessarily get you victory in writing competitions. In order to succeed in writing competition one should follow certain guidelines and adhere to some rules of writing. For example some writers at very good at knitting the web of a story but many fail to use the appropriate grammar and fail to use proper sentence structures which on the whole spoils the charm of the content. This article shall provide certain tips that will get you at least shortlisted for such competitions held at regional or national level.

How to Win a Writing Competition

Structure matters: It is highly important to consider yourself as a reader while submitting your work for competition. Take for example a tale that has too much of background and exaggerates every detail eventually resulting in boredom of the reader. Not only this, pointless dialogues and irrelevant incidents, reduce the overall beauty of your text and readers end up dismissing your work by saying “what was all that about?” .So something that doesn’t get your idea across your audience will never get you those winning claps. A good story or piece of writing shall be compact, with a solid start and an impressive end.

The plot: Apart from a clear structure the very next thing is the plot of your story. No body is interested in your depression phases or wedding jitters until or unless your experiences add something to the lives of your readers. Take for example the genre of fiction, where the limits for creativity are endless. But in that case also the writer needs to make sense with reference to the plot of the story. Flying cars and talking animals will only get your readers interest if the story is advancing building curiosity in minds of audience.

Language: The very first thing is the audience of your write-up, Before you write down anything you shall keep in mind the comprehension skills of your audience too. If you are competing on a big scale, where contestants form all over the state shall participate you have to use a language that is impressive yet readable. Using broken or very long sentences not only confuse the reader but also hints your amateur behavior. The best solution to this problem is researching your topic so that you can get a better grasp over ideas. Using excessive metaphors will not at all add the assumed spices to your content as the most emotive tales are often told in simplest languages.

Emotional engagement: No matter what the niche of writing is, the first and foremost rule of content is engagement. If the writer is able to grasp the attention of the readers, great, but if he is able to keep the fire of curiosity alive till the end, Brilliant. That is what emotional engagement is all about-When the writer knows how to play with the feelings of his readers he is in short buying more of their attention and time. Once your readers will find the text interesting they shall linger on to it for a longer time. Originality of the concept can also prove to be quite magnetic when it comes to winning the hearts of the audience, unique story plots and ideas always sell faster!

Guidelines: Apart from all that has been discussed above, Strictly adhering to the guidelines will definitely get you shortlisted. These guidelines might cover simple areas such as word count and layout but they are equally important. A participant shall not ignore these instructions and if he choses does so, most of the times the stories are dismissed even before they make it to the judgment desk.

Word count and grammar: If there are rules with reference to word count and sentence structure, participants should take extra care of them. If there is any word count specified it is mandatory that writers stick to it and produce a document that is free from all grammatical errors. If you have doubts on your own evaluation skills, you may use free online softwares for grammar and spell check. Proofreading is very important, especially if you have doubts about your story. You may seek some mentor help or may reach out a friend who can be an honest critique of your work and if no option is valid, just give your self a break and finish your story before handso that you may review it before emailing it to the judgment authorities.

Cross check: No doubts about your writing talents but still there are certain benchmarks that can really help you in winning. Before you submit your work, you may read stories from previous winners so that you can get a better idea of the tone and style that will likely impress the critics. Some competitions emphasize more on good plots whereas others lay much stress on literary aspects, what so ever, going through the works of previous winners will make everything clear to you.

Once a Essay writer and writers takes into account all these factors, his story will definitely make it to the final list of top three winners. But yes, a competition is not the end of the world, Even if you don’t succeed, the passion shall never die and one shall keep on trying, till his skills are polished and bigger goals are achieved.

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