Need of Every School Teacher Professional Development

Seeking new skills for the grooming of personality and professionally is very essential, for the present time. Classroom teaching has redesigned and new tactics are required to improve the teaching pedagogies. In order to promote student success, teacher’s dedication is required to engage themselves in learning new skills, strategies and ways for effective learning and teaching opportunities. Professional improvement discusses about several kinds of learning experiences associated to an individual’s effort. A conference held in Nashville, 2014; in which professionals emphasizes on professional grooming is significant for all teachers.

As we live in the era of technology, which has deep and rapid impact on our society especially on students. They love to learn with advance modes. Now days, students become more visual and auditory. They easily understand the content with the help of flow charts, pictures, videos and documentaries. In addition, they retain what they had watched. Due to greater exposure with the outer world, they have enough information than their teachers. Students of current time needs academics, physical, behavioral and mutual support activities. Moreover, in order to fulfill these needs, institute with the help of teachers provide all. However, before that, teacher are needed to be professionally developed. If teacher has sound knowledge about the new technologies, strategies, ways they can handle the students well and motivate them towards learning. Teacher’s professional development courses satisfy the necessities of students.

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Need of every school ,Teacher Professional Development

Scholars View

Research on education; presented that teaching excellence and school direction are the most essential elements in raising student accomplishment. For teachers and school leaders to be as operative as possible, they constantly develop their information and skills to implement the preeminent educational practices. Thomas Guskey (2000, p.4) revealed that one relentless outcome in the exploration works is that important developments in schooling nearly never take place in the lack of professional development. To meet todays’ educational demand, professional development is important. Teachers learn to help students learn at the uppermost ranks. Professional development is the simple strategy educational organizations have to reinforce teachers’ performance levels. Professional development is “the course of refining workforce abilities and proficiencies desired to harvest exceptional educational outcomes for learners” (Hassel, 1999).

Teacher professional development changes…

Schools where both adults and students learn. Teachers and supervisors who regularly improve their personal knowledge and expertise ideal for learners that education is significant and beneficial. Teachers’ continuing improvement makes a culture of learning all over the school and supports teachers’ determinations to involve students in learning. A school that arranges team-based professional development programs and expects all teachers and supervisors; to regularly participate in workshops though for different purposes, at different intervals, in different methods demonstrates that it is thoughtful about all teachers performing at advanced levels. As a result, the whole school is more engrossed and effective.

One major problem of this era is to handling the youth and compel them towards the studies. If teacher has inappropriate ways to tackle the student of present time, it will create problem and student show lack of interest in studies and particularly in specific subjects. In order to keep you on the mark, teachers must attend different workshops and seminars related to the teacher’s profession development.

Professional development helps to:

  • promotes the model of constant development
  • prepares teachers to commendably convey lessons to struggling as well as advanced learners
  • delivers definite training in using designated instructional resources
  • plan sufficient time throughout the workday for team followers to acquire and work together to achieve the school’s mission and aims
  • comprises robust management to achieve ongoing provision and to encourage staff and others to be supporters for continuous enhancement
  • prepares teachers to plan their lesson plans based on research and utilize appropriate strategies in class to achieve their targets
  • use logical based content that has recognized success in growing student learning and development
  • reduce the teacher turnover
  • enhance teacher engagement
  • improve teachers’ knowledge of the topic difficulty that they are teaching, and it should develop their understanding of student philosophy in that topic difficulty.
  • bring into line practical training with the syllabus and teachers’ definite work proficiencies also is vital.
  • develop critical thinking and problem solving skills, teamwork and leadership, swiftness and flexibility, creativity and entrepreneurialism, effective oral and written communication, accessing and analyzing information, curiosity and imagination

In a class of strength 30-35 students, every student is differ from each other; in skills, abilities, understanding level, backgrounds, different kinds of learner, has different mother tongue and different school of thought. It is very difficult to converge them at single point to impart what teacher want to deliver. At this point, professional development for teachers are mandatory to observe.

Every school need professionally developed teachers to providing a tailored learning to students. Modified learning is a need of present time to encourage education that emphases on all student as a specific learner with his or her personal learning style and sole assistances. It distinguishes and values a student’s individual interests and objectives.

“When professional development is created for teacher by teacher, everyone win.” Kristen Swanson

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