What's Making Your PC Slow

What’s Making Your PC Slow and How Can Experts at Abu Dhabi Top Computer Shop Help?

Due to the worldwide lockdown because of COVID-19, many people, including gamers being forced to be productive at home. Gamers are usually at their best when they’re home, but home desktops can often become slow because of overuse. PC owners who’ve neglected their devices for long periods are now depending on them for work and leisure.

Forget gaming on these devices for long periods, many are struggling to complete their workloads on these slow devices. The fact that PCs become slow after a couple of years of use has impacted the gaming market. According to the latest reports, gaming PCs are the slowest growing market in the world. The rise in gaming PC sales in 2019 was only 4%. Even though the global PC gaming market is still valued over $35.7 billion, if gamers can’t get fast PC experiences, they’re likelier to switch to gaming consoles.

Thankfully, experts from Abu Dhabi Top Computer Shop can help them upgrade their systems within limited budgets. If software tools like Windows Disk Cleanup don’t make their PCs faster, there are other easy methods of optimizing PC speed. Here’s what the computer shop experts recommend to owners who want faster computing experiences.

Using the Best Windows and PC Settings

PC owners must customize Windows settings to get maximum efficiency. In most PCs, Windows settings are customized to display the ‘best appearance.’ But appearance isn’t what gamers need. They need maximum performance.

When they switch the settings to maximize Windows performance, the graphics may look slightly poorer, but the PC’s overall performance will be much sharper. To make this switch, PC owners should carry out this step whenever they use the device for gaming or work –

Open the control panel > Click on System and Security settings > Open the ‘System’ tab > Go to Advanced System Settings > Open Performance Settings > Click on Advanced > Open the Visual Effects tab > Adjust the settings to optimize PC performances.

Also, set the device’s battery mode to high-performance. This mode ensures the battery performs optimally during gaming or work sessions. By making these two changes, PC owners can get significant performance boosts from their systems.

Regular Cleaning

Regular cleaning of PCs and laptops can significantly boost their performances. That’s because dust and dirty often impact the device’s airflow and cooling. So, a typical session of cleaning can do wonders for a PC. Once the system receives appropriate cooling from fans, it can perform optimally and offer smooth gaming experiences. Even though most PC owners opt for the DIY cleaning approach, getting the device serviced and cleaned by professional computer experts is highly recommended. Regular cleaning of a PC every six months can make device lag less and function much faster.

Updating All Drivers

Often, PCs suffer from lagging or compatibility issues because one or many of the drivers are outdated. Updating all drivers, especially GPU, CPU, and motherboard drivers, is key to getting super-fast PC experiences. PC owners must get the latest version of the drivers from the right sources.

To optimize performance, Windows must also be updated. Yes, Windows is renowned for giving inefficient updates. But their driver-based updates can make systems much faster.

Use Game Boosters

Certain software tools can improve a PC’s gaming performance. These game boosters take a couple of minutes to optimize the game, but they’re outstanding for low-end PCs. Having game boosters ensures that PC owners always get updated drivers and super-clean RAM, no matter how low-cost their system is. These boosters –

  • Make sure all other apps or programs are closed while gaming.
  • They ensure all resources of the PC are optimized for gaming.
  • They significantly boost the PC’s processing power.
  • Gamers experience lesser lags.

Upgrade Key Components

If the PC continues to be slow, even after users execute all of these steps, there’s no other option than to shell out some cash and make important upgrades to its key components.

  • If PC owners want better gaming experiences, they have no choice but to upgrade their graphics card. They should save some money and get the latest Graphics cards.
  • To cut costs, gamers can start using SSD instead of HDD. They cost less and guarantee high-speed gaming performances.
  • They should get at least 8GB of RAM to boost gaming performances. Before making this upgrade, owners need to ensure the motherboard supports the RAM.

Save RAM Memory

In addition to upgrading the RAM, PC owners must do their best to save as much RAM space as possible. For instance, if they make sure no apps start on their own, they can save a lot of RAM. These ‘Auto Start’ settings can be changed in the task manager.

These auto-launching apps keep consuming valuable RAM and waste the PC’s processing power. Similarly, users should turn-off all unnecessary automatic features and apps on their PCs.

In a recent survey, 37% of gamers said they would happily give up sleep if it meant more gaming time. Carrying out these simple PC optimization steps won’t cost you your sleep, just some effort! Make these updates and changes to optimize your PC!

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